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Keeping the five key words in mind, we, as a team including the top managements, pursue the social contribution through the service to the market by imaginative and creative works.
Global network 世界市場からの情報提供Originality 独自性の創造 Change 変化から進化へ Respect 相互尊重 Authenticity 本物の探求
  • Global NetworksThe globalization is more and more speeding up today. Taking advantage of our global networks, we are connecting the latest and well selected products and information in the world to you.
  • OriginalityFor the profit of our customers, we always keep it in our minds to introduce the superior information and products that are unique and distinctive to others.
  • Mutual RespectWe are trying to create the relationship achieving the mutual respect among the consumers, our business partners, and us.
  • AuthenticityWe are always searching for the products and service of ultimate value without any compromise.
    “Authenticity” is our top priority.
  • ChangeIn order to catch up with the kaleidoscopic movement of market, we should be changing ourselves. Change always opens the door of evolution. We will never stop opening new doors leading us to evolution from change. Our final goal is to be a high-value-added company serving and contributing to the whole society.

Company Overview

Head office building
Corporate Name Shigematsu & Co., Ltd.
President Kojiro Shigematsu
Founded 1st April 1916
Incorporated 9th September 1963
Paid-in Capital ¥50,000,000.-
End of Fiscal Year March 31st
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, Osaka Branch
Mitsuisumitomo Bank, Osaka Chuo Branch
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Kawaramachi Branch
Kojiro Shigematsu
Keizaburo Shigematsu
Kenshiro Shigematsu
Minoru Hozaki


Shigematsu & Co., Ltd. was established with 1 million yen in capital.
The company made entry into foodstuff business, and became the Japanese sole agents of Bergenhas Canning Co., Ltd. in Norway, Kredin Co., Ltd. in Denmark, etc.
The company became the sole agent of Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee GmbH, an instant coffee manufacturer in the former west Germany.
The company opened its representative office in Hambrug, Germany and a representative was dispatched.
The company acquired the license of liquor sales, and started the sales.
The company’s capital was increased to 10 million yen.
The company’s capital was increased to 30 million yen.
The company opened its Tokyo Branch Office to expand business operations in east of Japan.
The company established the subsidiary, Kreis Cafe Japan, foe import and sales of Kreis instant coffee.
The company moved to a newly head office building at Awaji-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City.
The company became the Japanese sole agent of CCA Biochemie b.v. (the present Purac biochem b.v.) in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, and also Operated as sole agents of other well-known overseas manufacturers.
The company’s capital was increased to 50 million yen.
The company’s Tokyo Branch Office was moved to a newly completed Building (located at Motoasakusa, Taito-ku).
The company became the Japanese sole agent of MIKO n.v., a manufacturer of cassette-filtered regular ground coffee in Belgium.
The company started trade with China.
The company started to import infectious disease reagents.
The company started to import speciality reagents in earnest.
The company started to sell wine on a large scale. The sales of private brand bourbon whisky, ‘THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS’ and ‘CLEMENTINE’ were started.
The new Head Office Building was completed.
Retail shop was newly opened on the first floor of new head office building.
Tokyo Brunch Office moved to Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku.
Tsukuba Life Science Office was newly opend in Tsukuba city.
Tokyo Branch Office moved to Sugamo, Toshima-ku.
The company established the subsidiary VIROQUEST CORPORATION, for specializing infectious disease business.
The company opened its Minamiaoyama Research Office to enforce R/D activities in Tokyo.

Company Organization Structure

Representative Director Board Meeting General affairs Department/Accounting Department Correspondense Department Sales Department Chemical Department Head office Tsukuba Life Science Office Minami-aoyama Research Office Retail Department Head office Food Department Head office Tokyo Branch
  • Group companyKreis Cafe Japan Co., Ltd.
    ViroQuest Corporation
  • Wine shopWine House GRECO

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